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Looking for the Logic

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Searching for Planet X

I read Sitchin’s articles and much is not logical to me. First Nibiru supposedly was occupied then crashed into a planet creating the asteroids, which was witnessed by the ancient Sumerians. According to recent articles, this happened about 3.3 billion years ago, which meant we were boiling lava at that stage. Also, how can a planet that has such an eccentric orbit survive life-wise, by raising superconducting carrots at near absolute zero?

Also, in the course of the 3.3 billion years since the crash, Nibiru has passed through the system about a million times, saying it must have hashed us up many times, and the orbits especially of the asteroids would be impossible to track back to a central point of explosion. Also if the planet that was the asteroids was destroyed, why did Nibiru remain intact along with the people?

Also Nibiru had to have passed thru the system in the past 3600 years and from all accounts should have been written about extensively unless it was never noticed, which seems bogus. Too many of his theories border on the irrational, in my opinion. Thanks.

Len M., Internet

Beating the Bears

The Bears of the Energy Frontier article is correct about ‘us’ being the problem but, in a way, that ‘us’ is not widely known or understood. If we are the problem, then how do we go about fixing ourselves? We need a primer on the subject and the best one I have seen is Enigma Fantastique by W. Gordon Allen. Here are described the minds of Nicola Tesla and Rudolph Steiner. We see the will exercises used by Tesla and the description of the spiritual world given by Steiner. The ‘us-as-the-problem’ is given by a notable statement from Tesla about the general human mind or spiritual condition. This statement is “We are like corks tossed about on the medium, but mistaking these outside impulses as our own free will.” How to tell these impulses apart is where Steiner’s works come into play. In other words, before we can fix the energy crisis, we must fix ourselves up spiritually.

This has its counterpart in the Bible. It is described there as increasing the bread, oil or wine. If we do not fix this, we will not know when an impulse is ours or an outside one, started by someone who knows how to do this. A person who could do this is Klingsor. We know them today as black magicians. The increasing the bread of life affects the life body of the human, or more specifically, the shadow body of the lower self. Here is where the treasure trove of previous life memories are stored. These energies when suddenly thrust on a human make one sleepy, just like when the water was turned into wine. This has been misunderstood for at least two millennia.

The obstacles to clean energy are under the sway, knowingly or not, of the dark forces. The Bible calls them the God of Mammon or money. They were behind the Battle of the Currents, which led to the present system of power distribution. Everything could be measured and sold for money. They seem almost invincible and are to those who are not skilled in the art of increasing the bread or fixing up the lower self. The God behind all this is Ahriman or the so-called devil. He props up his minions and increases their bread. You can read about it in Steiner’s Karma of Untruthfulness. So, increase your bread and we stand a chance of defeating the forces of money.

Tom Batorski, Angola, NY

Ancient Confusion

It occurs to me that many are confusing ancient history with antediluvian history. I feel that there was a great sea level technological civilization existing for thousands of years (possibly 250,000). This Atlantis was not confined to mid-Atlantic continents; it existed on Lemuria, Antarctica, the submerged Caribbean, and maybe ice-free Siberia-Central Asia. This civilization was populated by hybrids not entirely native to this planet. They had space travel, hence the artifacts on the Moon and Mars. And they had a relationship with races from outside the solar system, certainly their genetic cousins.

The polar shift of 12,000 years ago followed by a great melting ended this. But technological knowledge still persisted and was held secret by priestly castes. Thus a great worldwide sea culture emerged in the subsequent Bronze Age with ancient skills (e.g., sonics) that were divorced from their technological roots. This Atlantis connected Polynesia to Peru to the Mediterranean to Africa to India. This was the Minoan, people of the Indus, the Celts, the Olmecs. However, its Achilles heels were the dependence on Bronze and having a technology known by but a few. That technology de-evolved and was forgotten. By 3100 years ago the invention of iron put an end to bronze trading across to America and Africa and started the slow upward climb to our own civilization.

Alan Abramowitz, Staten Island, NY

Braden Credits

Regarding Cynthia Logan’s “New Age Profile” of Gregg Braden: (A.R. #47) According to Ms. Logan, Mr. Braden has “discovered” the presence of the Tetragrammaton (YHWH) written or coded within every cell of the human body. With due respect for Mr. Braden’s work, as well as for his sincerity, I feel compelled to point out that he is not indeed the first to expostulate this idea. Rather, it has been plainly stated in The Book of Knowledge: The Keys of Enoch, by Dr. J.J. Hurtak, PhD. (published in 1977) that the Divine Name is not only found in every human cell, but that the DNA/RNA is coded out of a matrix template of Divine Language relayed down into the physical dimension from the mind of the Creator.

Found in Key 202 of The Book of Knowledge: The Keys of Enoch (the Key to future biophysics) we read its first sentence: “The Name of YHWH is coded within every biochemical function in our body, especially within the life-giving DNA-RNA matrix.”

The Key goes on to show how the master template of Hebrew letter geometries codes for the organization of specie—again, preceding Mr. Braden’s work. (“Braden chose Hebrew because it’s the oldest continuously used language.”)

Pliny the Elder, in a preface to his Natural History, wrote: “I have prefaced these volumes with the names of my authorities. I have done so because it is, in my opinion, a pleasant thing and one that shows an honorable modesty, to own up to those who were the means of one’s achievements…”

While I approve of the direction Mr. Braden is undertaking in his researches, particularly in his acknowledgment of the sovereignty of God’s “personal and preferred name” through which He identifies Himself, I would nevertheless urge him to give weight to Pliny’s sentiment. Attribution is not only a pleasant thing; it is also the right thing.

Ramona S. Haimowitz, Flagstaff, AZ

Science Fiction as Prophecy

Every so often a science fiction writer hits the nail on the head about some particular marvel of the future. None have ever been able to get it right in the case of the “world of Tomorrow.” When I was a good bit younger… in the 40s, we wondered what life would be like at the turn of the millennium. Scientists and intelligent people of the day tried to speculate what the next sixty or so years would bring.

Skyscrapers with a distinct spaceship look, surmounted with winding moving sidewalks, cars flying with a Flash Gordon look, people dressed in tight clothes. Restaurants that dispensed pills rather than food, etc., etc. Very little of it existed for the 2000-year mark. Too many variables. Computers were not even in the equation back then, even though the government was working on the concept. The future will probably never be predictable unless you live in an Arabic country.

Brig, Atlantis Rising Forums

ET Origins

What if ET turns out to be just terrestrial? Think about it. As far back in time as one can go there have been “ET” type beings, and they always come from somewhere we cannot get to. The elves and fairies known by many different names around the world were not unlike our present ETs for their day. They abducted people; they made strange lights in the sky as well as around fairy rings. They were always far in advance as compared to us. Whether it was magic in the past or technology in the present, they are always several steps ahead. And always unattainable! Meaning, we can never get to where they come from. In the past it was Avalon or Magonia, or some other unattainable realm. Now they come from another world millions of light years away?!! How long will humanity fall for this same trick?!!

If you wanted to hide yourself from the local idiots why give them a local address when they will believe with little prodding that you are from some distant realm or planet? Why would we believe this? Because they are so in advance of us that they couldn’t possibly be from Earth, right? We have so many unexplained mysteries around the world that man seems the biggest fool of all. We cannot see past the end of our ego!

We will twist the story until the truth of any such mystery is lost and all because we cannot bring ourselves to except that we have been lied to all along. Who were the ones Cain feared that should slay him when god cast him out? Who dwelt in the land of Nod? Why was the one who was banished the one to father the greatest kingdom of its time? Who were the Giants? Who were the sons of God? Who were they comparing their children to when they said they were like men of old, men of renown?

Were we created first, or were we just the first humans? Until we can stop and look beyond our egos, these questions will never be answered with any kind of accuracy. Truth is stranger than fiction, do not doubt.

Seridian Knight, Atlantis Rising Forums

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