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Science Was Wrong

The thesis advanced in “Science Was Wrong” (AR, #124) is all too true. Although there are honorable, competent, and open-minded scientists out there, overall, science has been corrupted to the point where, arguably, it is no longer science. A big part of the problem is with the universities, most of which seem to have degenerated into indoctrination centers, where future scientists are taught to be atheists and philosophical materialists and to believe in such government-approved dogmas as man-caused global warming. Scientists are supposed to be open-minded seekers of truth, accepting nothing on faith, and questioning every hypothesis; but many of them accept materialism as axiomatic and never think to question the dogma. This means that they are not really scientists at all. This is most obvious with the semi-professional “skeptics,” who spend an inordinate amount of time and energy trying to debunk UFO reports, alleged paranormal experiences, or alternative theories of physics or of human origins. They claim that “extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence,” but who has the right to define a particular claim as “extraordinary” or decide what level of evidence is required to prove it? These people are self-appointed gatekeepers.

Those of us who research and write about such topics as UFOs, “free” energy, and lost civilizations can fall into the same mind trap. For example, some writers who appear regularly on television and should know better are prone to making sweeping statements about Pleiadean beam ships or Sirian space brothers, offering no proof whatever for their assertions. This may win them fame and sell books, but it does not bring us closer to truth. We owe it to ourselves to be the true skeptics, skeptical of both conventional science and unconventional ideas, open-minded enough to ask forbidden questions and honest enough to realize that we may not have the answers to those questions.

Pat Alexander, Sacramento, CA

Out of Australia, or Out of Africa?

In the article, “The Australian Americans,” by Steven and Evan Strong (AR, #123), [the authors] ask the question, “Is the standard Out-of-Africa narrative about to change?” The answer is, ‘it shall not,’ for that narrative is supported by extensive evidence, and has withstood the majority of scientific scrutiny. [My 2011 book] The First Americans Were Africans: REVISITED refutes many of the points raised in the Strong’s article.

First, diminutive Hobbits on Flores Island did not begin in Siberia. They are diminutive Pygmies who originated, and still live in Africa today and look identical to the diminutive Egyptian god, Bes.

Second, there is a growing body of evidence that the Nubians (Kushites), and later Egyptians (Kemites), were global seafarers in antiquity. They also still speak the oldest known language in the world consisting of “clicking sounds” as seen in the 1980 movie, The Gods Must be Crazy.

The evidence is born out of such diverse discoveries as the: Egyptian mummies, statues and relics found in the Grand Canyon caves, the pyramids in China, and even the Australian Kemitic glyphs found carved in stone. “The glyphs were of such accuracy that they reflect a number of ancient hieroglyphics and even ‘grammatical’ variations that were not even documented in Egyptian hieroglyphic texts until 2012.”

[Jacqui] Hayes [cited by the Strongs] claims that the “Australian original presence in America,” began before the second migration of people “with distinctive Mongolian features.” They also state that, “startling new finds suggest that prehistoric Australians reached South America more than 11,000 years ago.”

The first point is true, in that Black people migrated to the ‘The New World’ before the arrival of people with Mongolian features. However, these people were Africans with Mongolian features.

Biological evidence shows Subsaharan Khoisan Africans are known by their Haplogroup N-DNA. Modern humans crossed North Africa into Spain and then throughout Eurasia, where scientists found ancient Sub-Saharan mtDNA and related evidence. The Twa, Anu, and Khoisan also crossed into India, Southeast Asia, and then Australia.

What else does the DNA have to say? Native Americans and Africans are directly related by their R1 Y-chromosome linage because of their African forefathers. But Mongolians do not have the R-M173 nor mtDNA haplogroup X markers.

The Australians did not leave Africa to settle much of Eurasia until approximately 65,000 years ago, as supported by ancient sites in India that correspond to sites in Southern Africa. A short-statured, African aboriginal population existed in the far North Queensland rainforest zone of Australia’s northeast coast; and Tasmania has long been known in Australian anthropology.

It is common knowledge that the first wave of Africans into Australia were the frizzy-haired pygmoid Negritos or Barrineans, who still survive in N.E. Queensland, Australia and the Andaman Islands today. They not only signed their genetic marker in Asia, and Australia, but it is seen in all of the Americas where they left evidence of: pyramids, Egyptian temple sites, etc.

Yes, Hayes’ new date for the first people in the Americas “with distinctive Mongoloid features,” is “exceeding the maximum Clovis (Mongoloid) entry date.” However, [I have] destroyed the “Clovis Theory”—which was correctly tagged a “theory,”—it was not supported with scientific evidence as examined in my book, The First Americans Were Africans: REVISITED.

Africans, whose DNA suggests that they were the first modern humans, were also the first to build ships to traverse the most ancient highway—the Nile—in the oldest maritime crafts—reed boats that predate wooden boats by millennia. Thor Heyerdahl was the first to show these ships were also seaworthy. Heyerdahl copied the ship design from an Egyptian temple and hired Africans near Lake Chad, who have been building reed boats for thousands of years. The ship that they built, successfully crossed the Atlantic…

The “Out of Australia” concept is an interesting but weak theory with little chance of replacing the well-reasoned, evidence-based fact of the African origin of the human race and civilization.

David Imhotep, Author: The First Americans Were Africans: REVISITED, Baltimore, MD

Prehistoric Reality in Egypt’s Chronicles

In “Khufu Papyri Unveiled” (AR #121) Robert Schoch considered the oldest part of the Manetho’s history of Egypt as an argument for incredible antiquity of proto-Egyptian civilization. I would like to note that there are intriguing parallels between the oldest part of Egyptian kingship lists and prehistoric realities.

For example, the pre-Hawass Histoire des Hommes (vol. 10, Paris : 1781, p. 225) contains the interesting table for “mythical chronology” of Ancient Egypt. In this table, the Egyptian history is begun about 38,633 BC (in the “Original system of the great period” based on the precession) by Hephaestus or Vulcan, which are the Greek/Roman versions of the native creator god Ptah. The next kingdom of the Sun (Helios, Ra) came in 38,464 BC for 30,000 years in the same precession system. This was followed by the Saturn’s kingdom in 8464 BC. Note that Saturn is associated with agriculture.

It is remarkable that this Saturnian-agricultural date (8464 BC) corresponds to the beginning of the Neolithic Revolution (10,000 to 8000 BC) in the Fertile Crescent. The migration from the Crescent is a known factor of agriculture spreading in predynastic Egypt as well as in Northern Africa. The solar kingdom (38,464 to 8464 BC) corresponds to the super-arid Sahara desert during the last glacial period (108,000 to 9700 BC). That time can be characterized as a solar terror indeed.

Hence, the “mythical” history shows “a grain of truth” confirming the long timescale of the Egyptian chronicles.

Oleksiy Arkhypov, Ph.D., Graz, Austria

Martian Pressure

This is in response to William B. Stoecker’s article, “Why Is the Martian Sky Blue?” (AR #118). In his article he had doubts as to whether there’s enough air to open a parachute above the Martian surface. To quote him: “Using simple arithmetic and high school physics, it can be shown that chutes used on Mars would not work as advertised.” I would have to disagree with his premise and will prove it below.

Using the air density at the Martian surface, and I realize the parachutes deploy 4 miles above the surface, you can use the equation below to see the pressure exerted by the wind or dynamic pressure in Pascals: q = .5pv², where q = the dynamic pressure, p = air density, and v = the velocity.

According to NASA the velocity that the parachute deploys is 450 meters/sec (1,006 mph). The air density on Mars is .02Kg/m³. This would equal a dynamic pressure of 2,025 Pascals.

Not to get too heavily into the math, this would be the equivalent of a speed on Earth of 57 m/s or 127 mph. This is more than enough to open a parachute. I realize the density is less at four miles above the surface, but I still think it would be more than enough to open a parachute.

The parachute is only used to slow down the landing craft. The actually landing is done using rockets.

I believe it’s a well-established fact that the atmospheric density on Mars is a little less than 1% of Earth’s atmosphere. If the density of air on Mars were anywhere close to Earth’s, the large parachute used would be ripped to shreds.

Mark Perlick, Facebook, Camarillo, CA



Vedic Easter Eggs

[Re: “Lost River of the Vedas,” by Cynthia Logan, AR #124]

The March equinox and the Vedic truth underlying Easter and the Easter Egg Hunt: The Rishis called our sacred and collectively Lost Egg by many names. Primarily they called it Agni—the hidden One, the triple One, the divine flame, the triple fire, the son of force, the eternal spring of life, leader of our evolutionary march (journey), the preserver, our deliverer, world savior, and hero of all heroes. In the Western tradition, Agni is known as Aries (or Mars). He is often depicted as a hunter. The true antiquity of this yogic mythology depicting our evolutionary march towards reunion with the light of our soul and, hence, with all creation (past, present and future) is unknown. Religious traditions and rituals that separate the ‘hidden’ or ‘golden egg’ from the Spring Equinox serve to keep the ‘egg’ hidden—distorting or hiding the truth of the Vedic Solar Gnosis and unity consciousness it contains and births in time.

Lori Tompkins,, San Rafael, CA

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