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What Do Tomatoes Talk About?

For the truly paranoid, but who thought plants, at least, could be trusted, the news is not good. Tomato plants have been secretly communicating with each other all along. A couple of electrical engineering professors, report that the soil beneath our feet is alive with electrical signals transmitted from plant to plant.

According to Dr. Yuri Shtessel and Dr. Alexander Volkov, of the University of Alabama, Huntsville, tomato plants are busy sending messages to each other through their roots and the soil. As to what the plants might be communicating, or possibly thinking about, the professors say that is beyond the scope of their experiment, but it is, they say, an interesting question. (https://www.

As has long been noted, plants enjoy music, and they do better when we talk to them. So, it is clear they listen, and now new research from Tel Aviv University in Israel, indicates that plants not only receive sounds but can also send them.

In the experiment at TAU, ultrasonic waves emitted by tomato and tobacco plants change based on the physical condition of the plant whether healthy, dry, or cut. The sounds, moreover, are fairly loud, and though at a frequency above the hearing of humans, they are not above that of animals. (https://www.

It is not clear if plants snore.

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