For a quarter century Atlantis Rising Magazine looked for answers to some very important questions. In 2019 we ceased to publish our paper-&-ink edition, but now Atlantis Rising, the Research Group, resumes the search—one still largely neglected by academia, mainstream media, and the powers that be.

Among our yet unanswered questions:

What is the evidence for ancient and lost pre-diluvian civilization? What about Atlantis, Lemuria, Sundaland, etc.? What was the real wisdom, or temple science, behind the building of so many immense and mysterious ancient monuments?

What kind of advanced or alternative technology—now lost—did our ancient ancestors have? Were aliens involved? How much did wisdom astrologers know about the forces which guide and constrain us all?

What is the evidence for an immortal soul? Do we possess dormant powers beyond the grasp of modern science? Is there a vast invisible world from which we all came, but with which we have lost contact.

Does the search for extraterrestrial intelligence have the potential to unhinge the personal psychology? Are we on the verge of tapping an enormous reservoir of limitless energy? Will we learn soon how to make ourselves invisible? Will we learn to levitate? How might such discoveries change our lives? Have great geniuses, who could have shown humanity the way to overcome its problems, been blocked and suppressed by the conspiracies and entrapments of an entrenched global elite?

Have many important advances in the saga of human experience been developed clandestinely by the initiates of secret societies? Have unsung heroes made the essential sacrifices to lift us out of ignorance and superstition? Is mainstream news today just the tip of an iceberg representing the hidden machinations of a worldwide elite? What has been the real agenda for those who have, for centuries, maintained positions of power?

Is there a common thread uniting the great religions of East and West? Is there an invisible hierarchy which oversees the world? Does the Darwinian model provide the whole story of natural origins? How important is consciousness? Have the roots of Christianity been properly understood? What role have, Gnostics, Templars, Cathars, and other suppressed movements played in history?

On all of these questions, the curious public awaits credible answers, still largely unavailable. Nevertheless, we believe many of them have been well reported in the pages of our magazine and are available now for purchase or download from this web site. Going forward, Atlantis Rising—the Research Group—offers members the chance to learn more. We are delighted you have chosen to join us.

Douglas Kenyon
Editor & Publisher
Atlantis Rising—the Research Group