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iNews: Late Breaking Stories

  • Ancient Girl’s Parents Were Two Different Human Species

Born 90,000 years ago, the child is the first direct evidence of interbreeding among Neanderthals and their cousins the Denisovans.


  • 560,000-Year-Old Milk Tooth Found In French Cave

A child’s milk tooth, dating back at least 560,000 years, has been discovered in France. The tooth belongs to a sub-species of humans called Homo heidelbergensis.


  • Humans in Texas Much Earlier Than Previously Thought

A group of archaeologists from Texas State University have recently discovered about 150,000 artifacts near at the Gault Archaeological Site near Killeen. What they’ve found could change what we know about the timeline of human history.


  • Oldest Surviving Maya Book Declared Authentic

Mexico’s National Institute of History and Anthropology says the calendar-style text was made between AD 1021 and 1154 and it is the oldest known pre-Hispanic document. The controversial Grolier Codex contains a series of observations and predictions related to the astral movement of Venus.


  • Secret Code’ in Mayan Calendar Said to Unlock Time Portals

A self-titled ‘multi-dimensional archaeologist’ claims to have finally unlocked the secrets of time travel after years of painstakingly cracking codes hidden in the mysterious Mayan calendar.


  • Could AI Robots Develop Prejudice on Their Own?

Showing prejudice towards others does not require a high level of cognitive ability and could easily be exhibited by artificially intelligent machines, new research has suggested.


  • Many Social Science Studies Cannot Be Replicated

Reproducing prominent published research continues to be a challenge, according to new work that found researchers could only replicate 13 of 21 high-profile social science experiments published in the distinguished journals Nature and Science.


  • Space Elevator Getting First Test in Space

There is a long way to go, but a Japanese construction company wants to build a space elevator by 2050. Researchers at Shizuoka University, working in conjunction with the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA), were scheduled to begin trials on a miniature version in September.

  • Engineers Demonstrate Ion Engine

American aerospace company Rocketdyne has successfully tested what it says is a next-generation propulsion capability that could enable deep space missions, the long-sought Ion Engine.

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