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The Sailing Stones of Death Valley

The Racetrack Playa is a flat-bottomed dry lake bed just Marfa, and a bit more thorough work at Brown Mountain, and some serious work at Hessdalen. There are willing amateurs, who are quite rational and quite systematic in their approach, and there are some truly open-minded scientists, but funding is certainly a problem.

These are by no means the only places where such lights are common, and I would point out that most UFO reports are simply lights seen at night. But it is not only lights in the night and sailing stones that may contain major scientific paydirt. The Townsend Brown electrogravitic device needs to be tested in a vacuum to rule out or confirm the hypothesis that it is lifted by ion wind. Fraud in either direction, whether by the debunkers or the true believers, needs to be prevented, and the experiments need to be witnessed and videotaped. In some ways science seems to be stalled at present, and we cannot explore new country by staying in the same familiar neighborhood—we need to travel to the borderlands.

Alternative Science

May/June 2013 – #99