Issue 45 – A Crack in the Da Vinci Code


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  • Letters
  • Early Rays
  • The New Heretic
  • The Forbidden Archaeologist
  • Grassroots Push for New Energy
    Could a New-Found Energy Be Fueling the Birth of a Movement?
  • ELEMENT 115 and the Secrets of Folded Time Space
  • The Atlantis Prophecies
    From Charles Berlitz to Nostradamus, What the Visionaries Saw?
  • Searching for America’s Soul
    A Conversation with Jacob Needleman
  • Biosphere 2: the Puzzle
    Mars Connections and Arizona’s Glass Habitat
  • Francis Bacon and the Sign of the Double A
  • Malta’s Knights of Mystery
  • A Crack in the Da Vinci Code
    Jeff Nisbet Shows Dan Brown Was Wrong about Rosslyn Chapel
  • Olaus Rudbeck’s “Atlantica”
    Is There a Case for Atlantis in Sweden?
  • Getting to the Bottom of the Origins Mystery
    Orthodoxy Versus Alternative Science
  • Astrology
  • Videos
  • Recordings

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