Issue 49 – Communicating with the Other Side


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In This 88-page edition:

  • Report from the Front Jeane Manning
  • Beating the Bears on the Energy Frontier
  • The Forbidden Archaeologist
  • Inside the Eight-Year Solar Window
    Are the Mayan Prophecies Coming True?
  • The Business of Sacred Relics
  • Is Science Tracking the 12th Planet?
    Zecharia Sitchin Looks at Suspicious Research
  • New Light on the Pharaoh’s Curse
  • Shipping Out for Mars
    Have we Been There…Done That…?
  • Incident at North Berwick
    Jeff Nisbet’s Camera Captures an Intruder
  • Rife’s Healing Machines
  • Communication with Life on the Other Side
    Can Technology Close the Gap between the Living and the Dead?
  • Opening Up with Al Huang
    A Conversation with the Tai Ji Master
  • Exploring the Atlantis/Africa Connection
    On the Trail of Surprising Clues to a Different Genesis

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