Issue 50 – National Secrets


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In This 88-page edition:

  • National Secrets
    Are the Facts More Amazing than Hollywood Dreams?
    Talking with Margaret Starbird
  • The DaVinci Code Brings Aherents to the Goddess Gospel
  • Echoes of Lemuria
    Tracking Clues to a Lost Motherland in the Folklore of Indigenous People
  • Who Were Adam and Eve?
    Ralph Ellis Makes a Startling New Argument
  • The Ancient Egyptian Brain Conundrum
    Can the Great Pyramid Sing?
  • Alan Alford Studies the Acoustic Evidence
    Roerich FDR & the Meru Super Antenna
    William Henry Explains
  • The Quantum Menace
  • Report from the Front
    Jeane Manning on the New Clean Energy Funding
  • The Forbidden Archaeologist
  • The Search for Atlantis off Cyprus
    Robert Sarmast and his Team Make Important New Strides
  • Mystery of the Andes

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