Issue 51 – Atlantis in the Bahamas


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In This 88-page edition:

  • Report from the Front
  • Jeane Manning on the Exopolitical Challenge
  • The Forbidden Archaeologist
  • The Indian Antigravity Report
  • Scientists Find Answers to Technical Questions in Ancient Scriptures
  • Marconi the Mysterious
  • General Pike & the Klan
  • The Strange History of an Esoteric Aberration
  • Challenging the Reality Consensus
  • New Frontiers of Mind Control
  • Can New Technology Top Hollywood?
  • Conversation with a Blue-Eyed Yogi
  • Rampuri’s Western Past Is Left Far Behind
  • The Force Fields of Earth
  • Atlantis in the Bahamas?
  • New Evidence of Ancient Port Facilities
  • Mysteries of the Hohokam
  • The Strange Tale of an Advanced But Lost Desert Civilization
  • Searching for the Builders of Nan Madol
  • Whoever Created the “Venice of the Pacific” Left Few Clues to Their Identity

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