Issue 52 – Lost Truth


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In This 88-page edition:

  • Report from the Front
  • Jeane Manning on Divine Intervention & Breakthroughs
  • The Forbidden Archaeologist
  • Atlantis Rising Book and the Revolution
    Colin Wilson Reviews Forbidden History?
  • The Saga of the Hopi
  • Secrets of Our Survival
  • Winston Churchill and the Other Side
    The Wartime Leader? Road Less Traveled
  • The Case for Reincarnation
    Author Ian Lawton Reports on the Facts
  • The Biology of Transcendence
  • New Light on Christian Origins
    A New Book Considers James Jesus’ Brother
  • Mystery in Music City
  • A Scientist Looks at the Great Pyramid
    Robert Schoch Tracks the Arguments to Their Source
  • Egyptology: Science or Art?
    What Does the Evidence Really Show?
  • Edgar Cayce? Lemuria
    Atlantis Was Not the Only Lost Continent to Draw Comment from the Sleeping Prophet

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