Issue 53 – X-Ray Vision


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In This 88-page edition:

  • Report from the Front
    Jeane Manning on Challenging the Foundations of Physics\r\nThe Forbidden Archaeologist
  • The Intelligent Design Fight
  • Return of the Aether
    New Evidence Is Threatening to Rekindle a Long Dormant Debate
  • East of Qumran
    Following the Evidence of Christian Origins Where It Leads
  • Enigma of the Great Lost Sailor’s Map
    How Could Its Makers Know What They Knew?
  • Precession Paradox
  • Was Newton Wrong?
  • Atlantis on Ogygia
    Was Newton Right?
  • The Roots of The Tree of Life
  • X-Ray Vision & Way Beyond
    Can New Technology See through Walls Cure Cancer and More?
  • Lynne McTaggart and “”The Field””
    The Best-Selling Author Talks about Amazing Discoveries
  • Churchward’s Strange Tale
    Can a Case Be Made for a Drowned Pacific Civilization?

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