Issue 62 – Heretics Lighting the Way for America


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In This 88-page edition:

  • Letters
  • Early Rays
  • Report from the Front
  • The Forbidden Archaeologist
    On Forbidden Paleontology
  • Fire from Water
    Is HHO the Practical Hydrogen We Have Been Waiting For?
  • What Happened to the Maya?
    Why Did They Suddenly Vanish into the Jungle?
  • Civilization 7000 B.C.
  • Quest for the Grail
    Exploring the Sri Lanka Connection
  • The Possession Factor
    An Ancient Explanation for Disturbing Human Behavior Is Revived
  • Is I.D. an E.T.?
    Zecharia Sitchin Views Intelligent Design Theory
  • Inquisition
    Revisiting the Trial of Immanuel Velikovsky
  • Lighting the Way for America
    Where Were the Ideals that We Live by Conceived?
  • The Art of Strategy
    Warriors Are Not the Only Ones Who Need a Plan of Attack
  • Madame Curie and the Spirits
    Her Strange Alliance with a Notorious Medium
  • Astrology

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