Issue 64 – Power from the Nightside


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In This 88-page edition:

  • Early Rays
  • Report from the Front
  • The Forbidden Archaeologist
    The Mystery of the Nampa Image
  • Mussolini’s Roswell
    What Do Once Secret Documents Reveal?
  • ohn Searl’s Comeback
    The Eccentric Inventor Is Getting New Interest
  • Echoes of Atlantis from Homer
  • Cygnus and Human Evolution
    An Ancient Connection Found?
  • The Fall of the Royal Society
  • Frank Lloyd Wright vs. G.I. Gurdjieff
    The Secret World of Taliesin
  • Wholistic Anatomy
  • Power from the Nightside
    Is Earth Trying to Help Us Out?
  • The Return of the King of the World
    Where Ancient Myths and Legends Converge
  • James Churchward Apostle of Mu
    The Amazing Life of the Author of the Mu Books
  • Astrology
    Video and DVD

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