Issue 66 – Lost Civilization and the Bermuda Triangle


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In this 88-page edition:

  • Letters
  • Early Rays
  • Report from the Front
  • The Forbidden Archaeologist
    The Latest on the Oldest Man
  • Confessions of Lt. Haut
    A Dead Roswell Witness Steps Up
  • Getting at the Truth
    Stanton Friedman Talks about What the New “Openness” Means
  • The Lost Library of Ivan the Great
  • Telepathy: a Sympathy of Souls
    Robert Schoch on the Early Research
  • Solar Cycles and Number 11
  • The War for Planet Earth
    Part II on the Intergalactic WWII
  • Thor’s Hammer in Quebec?
    Tracking Canada’s Ancient Roots
  • Lost Civilization and the Bermuda Triangle
    New Discoveries on Andros Island
  • Ken Eagle Feather and Dreams
  • H. G. Wells and Near-Death Experiences
    Did the Great Science Fiction Writer Know More Than He Said
  • Astrology
    Video and DVD

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