Issue 71 – Riddle of America’s Ancient Mounds


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In this 88-page edition:

  • Letters
  • Early Rays
  • Report from the Front
  • The Forbidden Archaeologist
  • The Super Collision Threat
    Is Bern’s New Particle Accelerator a Doomsday Machine?
  • Gene Mollinet’s Hydraulic Pinto
    Did a 1980s Inventor Have the Key to Our Energy Problems?
  • Time Travel Evidence?
    Future Tech in a Renaissance Painting
  • The American Mound Builder Mystery
    Were They Older and Greater than We Realized?
  • Asylum from the Terror
  • Rosslyn Chapel and 2012
  • Can We See the Future?
    Robert Schoch on the Evidence
  • The Enigma of the Crystal Skulls
    The True Story that Preceded the Movie
  • The Beasts of Atlantis
    Plato Mentioned Them but What Do They Mean?
  • Global Cooling
    Does the Phoenix Lander Have Something to Say about Planetary Geriatrics?
  • Astrology
  • Video & DVD
  • Puzzle

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