Issue 74 – What Do Animals Know?


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In this 88-page edition:

  • Letters
  • Early Rays
  • Report from the Front
  • The Forbidden Archaeologist
    What Will Survive When Humans Are Gone?
  • The Crystal Saturn Enigma?
    Does Its Strange Polar Hexagon Point to Underlying Geometry?
  • Philip Coppens Looks at Numerical Mysteries
  • The Age of a Sage
  • Jesus in India: Making the Movie
  • Traveling the Far East with Filmmaker Paul Davids
  • Ancient Wings Over the Nile
    The Mystery of the Saqqara Glider
  • The Return of the Djedi
  • Washington’s Temple
    Unraveling Secrets of the Capitol
  • What Do Animals Know? \r\n
    Exploring Their Unknown Powers
  • Was the Odyssey in Italian Waters? \r\n
    New Research Leads to Surprising Discoveries
  • Plato or Cayce?
    What Is the Best Source for the Truth about Atlantis?
  • Astrology
  • Video and DVD

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