Issue 87 – Hitler’s Last Card


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In This 88-page edition:

  • Letters
  • Early Rays
  • Jeane Manning
    Italian Cold Fusion?
  • Michael Cremo
    Thoughts on Ancient Aliens
  • Egyptology on the Brink
    A Political Earthquake Rattles Mainstream Archaeology
  • Gardens Under the Sea
    Have the Answers We Seek Been Drowned for Millennia?
  • Easter and the Rites of Spring
    Mysterious Celebrations of Rebirth and Renewal
  • Lineages of Spiritual Power
    The Secrets of Passing the Torch
  • The Lost Legacy of Freemasonry
  • NDEs in the Olden Days
    Is Modern Research Late to the Game?
  • Mirror Factors What Do They Really Reveal?
  • Hitler’s Last Card
    Did War’s End Prevent a Nasty Surprise?
  • The Icon that Saved Russia
    The Real Story Behind the Tangled International Politics
  • Secrets of the Geoglyphs
    The Ancient Designers Clearly Knew a Few Tricks
  • Astrology
  • Video and DVD
  • Puzzle

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