Issue 91 – Star Tracks From Ancient Egypt


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In This 88-page edition:

  • Letters
  • Table of Contents
  • Early Rays
  • The Forbidden Archeologist-Michael Cremo on the Mexican Footprint Mystery
  • Tsunami Scenarios
    Has Nature the Only Culprit in the Indian Ocean Disaster?
  • Templat Secrets & the Vatican
    Electro-Magnetism & the Ancients
  • The Cycles of Danger Does New Research Mean Trouble Is Brewing?
  • A Matter of Gravity – Do We Really Know What It Is?
  • The Pyramid’s Deeper Waters
  • Old Pumps for New Could Ancient Hi-Tech Have Saved New Orleans?
  • Astronomers of Nabta Playa
    Evidence of Astonishing Pre-Historic Knowledge in the Nubian Desert
  • Plant Wisdom Toward Recovery of lost Knowledge of the Intelligence of Nature
  • The Forgotten Battle Over Light Exploring Goethe’s Challenge to Newton

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