Issue 94 – Solar Catastrophe


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In This 88-page edition:

  • Letters
  • Alternative News
  • Alternative News
  • Jeane Manning
  • Michael Cremo – Psychic Archaeology
  • Cornered Zahi Hawass Lashes Out – Author Robert Bauval Attacked in Egyptian Press
  • Acupuncture & the Ice Man – How Could a Prehistoric Body Be So Treated?
  • Tragic History of Great Zimbabwe
  • The Black Cross of Scotland – Has the Lost Relic Been Found?
  • Rescuing Rapunzel – Why Do Some Ancient Tales Still Resonate?
  • The ‘Future’ of Science Fiction
  • Puma Punku Still an Enigma
  • Solar Catastrophe – Could the End of the Last Age Be Repeated in Our Time?
  • Paradox of the Cathedrals – Were They Simply Monuments to Faith or Something Else?
  • Tracking the Piri Reis Map – Does It Hold Clues to the Origins of Civilization?

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