Issue 97 – Technologies of the Gods


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In This 88-page edition:

  • Letters
  • Alternative News
  • Jeane Manning – Puzzles of New Energy and Perpetual Motion
  • Michael Cremo
  • Physics from Outside the Box – Is the Ruling Standard Model in Deep Trouble?
  • God and the Big Bang – Does a Singularity Prove a Supreme Being Exists?
  • Hitler’s Escape – New Evidence from a Pair of Best-Selling Researchers
  • Jung and the Gnostics – Where Did the Great Psychologist Learn His Secrets?
  • Mount Nemrut: Ancient Place of Initiation
  • Kubrick’s Lunar Illusions
  • The Veil of Manoppello – The Plot Thickens
  • Technologies of the Gods – Miraculous Pre-Columbian Engineering in the Americas
  • Was Jesus an Actual King? A Controversial British Author Says He Can Prove It
  • Earth Energy and the Ancients – What Can We Still Learn from Megalithic Achievements?
  • Astrology

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