Issue 98 – Who Killed Tycho Brahe


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In This 88-page edition:

  • Letters
  • Alternative News – Underwater Ruins
  • Jeane Manning – Many Dimensions in Breakthrough Thinking
  • Michael Cremo – Oldest Spearpoints
  • Rama’s Bridge Reconciling Modern Science with Indian Myth
  • Updating the Dating Picture – Time Could Be Out of Joint for Academic Science
  • The Strange Case of Çatalhöyük – What Was Its True Purpose?
  • Tales of the Real Ulysses – Where Did Homer Get His Material?
  • Marian Apparitions – Does Science Have Any Answers?
  • Physics and the Unconscious
  • Thoth and the Grail
  • Who Killed Tycho Brahe? Unearthing the Truth, or Not
  • The Devil’s Triangle Revisited – Have Paranormal Explanations Really Been Debunked?
  • George Washington and the Hand of God – Someone Up There Truly Liked Him
  • Astrology

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