Lost Powers: Reclaiming Our Inner Connection


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Is the body/mind package with which we find ourselves equipped, everything that it has ever been or could be, or have we lost something along the way? Are parts of us that were accessible to our ancient ancestors, now missing? Have the operating instructions been lost? Just how intelligent are we really, and how far can we expect to get, as we climb the mountain of the future? These are the kinds of question raised in Lost Powers, the Atlantis Rising Library edition. In over 30 articles carefully selected from the ‘magazine of record’ for ancient mysteries, unexplained anomalies, and future science, editor J. Douglas Kenyon has assembled a breathtaking challenge to the conventional model of human potential.

From the ancient alchemist’s quest for the white stone, to the wisdom of plants; from kundalini, to telepathy; from immortality to time travel, Kenyon has raised the discussion to levels seldom, if ever, explored. Among the many world-class Atlantis Rising writers are: John White, Robert Schoch, David Childress, Susan Martinez, Frank Joseph, etc. Topics range from: the relationship between spirituality and longevity (“the Age of a Sage”), to: why the creator of Sherlock Holmes was so interested in the invisible world (“Crimes, Clairvoyance & Conan Doyle”); from: what can 21st science learn from the pioneers of psi research? (“Telepathy: a Sympathy of Souls”) to: scientific evidence for precognition (“Can We See into the Future”).



  • Secrets of the Alchemists, by Joseph Robert Jochmans
  • The Psi in CSI, by Barbara Jason
  • Can We See into the Future?, by Robert M. Schoch
  • Psychokinesis, by Robert M. Schoch
  • The Superhero Factor, by Len Kasten
  • Deathbed Visitations, by Michael Tymn
  • War and Reincarnation, by John Chambers
  • Time Travel Evidence, by Joseph Robert Jochmans
  • The Case for Immortality, by Patrick Marsolek258 pages

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